Litter C

Here you can see the puppies of litter C

Date of birth 02.10.2020


1 Black Tri Male / 1BTM
2 Blue Merle Male / 2BMM
2 Black Tri Female / 2BTF
1 Blue Merle Female / 1BMF
1 Red Tri Female / 1RTF

Black Tri Male

01_Black tri male

Blue Merle Male #1

02_Blue merle male#1

Blue Merle Male #2

03_Blue merle male#2

Black Tri Female #1

04_Black tri female#1

Black Tri Female #2

05_Black tri fenale#2

Blue Merle Female

06_Blue merle female

Red Tri Female

07_Red tri female

2 weeks old

2 weeks old

3 weeks old

3 weeks old

7 weeks old